Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that furniture and upholstery are often dirtier and filled with more bacteria than any of these other areas of your home that you regularly clean?

How often do you sit on your couch? How much time do you spend in your car? Chances are you use these things on a daily basis, most likely several times a day. How often do you clean these items? Probably not enough; upholstery is often overlooked. However, we offer professional, deep cleaning of these everyday upholstery items. The benefits? Much like with your carpet, professional cleaning can remove dirt and allergens, spots and stains, and prolong the life your furniture. Couches, for example, are often big investments, but they gain a lot of use/wear and tear. Providing options, such as SCOTCH GUARD, can help protect these investments for years to come. Here at Freedom Carpet, we will do our best to keep the pieces of your house in the best shape possible, so you can spend day and/or night with piece of mind that you are keeping bacteria and allergens at bay, while they look nice, as well!